A Hollow Dream – Eternal Autumn

A Hollow Dream – Eternal Autumn
by Andrew Van Wey

Rating 5/5

Having just turned the last page, I am left with the bittersweet feeling that I end up with after finishing a really good book. Grateful for the experience but sad that it is over.

I am going to start with the


– A lot of spelling, grammar, syntax, etc errors.

– Some characters and plot could have been better developed/explained (I for one am hoping to see that happen in the sequel(s)

– At times I found it hard to feel fully engaged in the story because of the way the actions were being described. I am not sure if that is due to the writing or the book format/layout.


– As a whole, I would classify this book nothing short of absolutely brilliant. While some subjects are not new, the way they are addressed are, to me, completely innovative. It’s not surprising that some inspiration came from the author’s dream(s). The whole book kind of feels like a dream.

– None of the characters felt one dimensional. I really appreciate how Van Wey took his time with that. To me, no one felt 100% good or bad. And that is one of the things I appreciate the most in a book because it means I will be able to relate to the characters. I firmly believe no one is completely good or bad. Everyone has faults and qualities. So my respect to that.

– One thing I really, really loved was that the main character didn’t just get to where he did and owned the place. The author took his time introducing him to his surroundings and, by doing that, made the story completely believable. This is not your typical hero who gets to a place and immediately makes friends and knows what to do to get what he wants, when and how. He is a 12 year old kid basically trying to survive. A kid who actually makes mistakes and isn’t always brave and doesn’t always do the right thing. He’s just a normal kid, finding out who he is and who he wants to be as he struggles through the challenges.

– This is fantasy at its best. Van Wey managed to create a stunning world, a book which never gets boring even though it is not always extremely fast paced and which awakens emotions in you, as all great books do.

Final analysis:

Sadness. Heartbreak. Happiness. Excitement. Terror. Disgust. I felt it all.
I smirked at the humour, especially in Colin’s lines, I felt hollow and immensely sad through Aiden’s jaunts, I felt sick in the stomach with BJ’s ‘surgery’, I felt absolutely terrified at the terror that just kept and keeps on coming – the neverending nightmare – and so much more. I felt. And that alone makes Eternal Autumn stand out.

While some outcomes may have been seen as a bit predictable, the way they are presented to the reader was not. And through all its flaws, Eternal Autumn is an adventure unlike any I have read before. It is truly quite unique. So even with all the typos, syntax errors and whatnot, I am giving it 5 stars, which will be fully deserved after the book has been properly edited. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get lost in a fantastic world. I do suggest you read the prequel first. I can even see a movie coming out of this or better yet, a tv series based on it.

Needless to say I can not wait for the sequel.

Read from August 30 to September 04, 2014
GoodReads Review

I would like to thank the author for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “A Hollow Dream – Eternal Autumn

    • Oh you should, he is really great. I think he spoiler me, too. He was one of the first authors who offered his work in exchange for my reviews, so really set the bar up high!


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