The Call of Cthulhu

The Call of Cthulhu
by H.P. Lovecraft

Rating: 3/5

I had never read HP Lovecraft and since everyone went on and on about this work in particular I went ahead and read it.

I find that:

1) The first half of the book was thoroughly dull. It took me 3 times to read it than the second half;

2) During the second half, we can finally see some action along with all the beautiful prose, the text is engaging and appeals to our imagination, when asking the reader to try and conceive the unconceivable. The descriptions, particularly of R’lyeh, are quite engaging, though I still craved for more;

3) There is some repetitiveness (I lost track of the amount of times I read “when the stars are right” or some variation over the course of 2 or 3 pages) and, overall, there were parts that stretched on and on when they simply did not have to. It did not bring anything new to the table nor increased the suspense or horror for that matter, it was simply tedious;

4) The ending was beyond disappointing. After such a build up, it was a shock that the author could not think of something better. I find it an insult to the reader, actually.

I can see why Cthulhu had such an impact when it first came out, has become such an influence in horror fiction, and why it has so many followers, but I still feel its tale could have been developed a lot better than this.

Read from August 08 to 10, 2014
Review posted on Aug 10, 14


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