Day 21 (The Hundred #2)

Day 21 (The Hundred #2)
by Kass Morgan

Rating: 3.5/5

Day 21 is the sequel to The 100. The teenagers stuck on Earth had just realized they were not alone there and continue to make interesting discoveries. And the ones on ship are faced with very difficult choices.

In perhaps an effort to make this book standalone, some things were very repetitive to what I had read in the last one, which is not necessarily a bad thing except it was presented almost as if it was new info.

I enjoyed finding new links between previous characters, meeting new ones and there were some very thrilling scenes, like the one where Glass is hovering through space, at first trusting that it’s going to be fine but then as she gets further away from the ship the fear and panic start to take root. It’s definitely a nail biting scene.

And this time I got to feel the dystopian side of the book more, especially when what the Phoenicians are willing to do really sinks in. It seems that they use the argument of preserving the Colony for the most despicable actions, including becoming mass murderers, and it is clear that this elite completely lost all sense of right and wrong, if they ever had one.
And Glass… The descriptions of her previous life, then the moment her father leaves and the changes they go through after his departure were quite emotional.

There were, again, things I did not find believable in the least and which I felt were written that way for the sake of the characters to do whatever they did:

– I find it pretty ridiculous how Clarke throws herself in the arms of one of the two boys the minute the other one does something wrong. I have pretty much lost all respect for her at this point.

– I especially can’t figure out how, if people’s lips and whatnot were already blue from oxygen depravation in the first day of lockdown at Walden, they managed to survive for days.

– Luke knocking out 4 guys on his own… Right.

– Guards shooting people. Seriously? Shooting on a spaceship? Which is already leaking oxygen? Sure, that sounds like a brilliant idea… How did they even get weapons to work after 300 years?

– Some if not most of my world building questions from reading the last book still stand. I really wish more work had been put into it. It would have been such a more enjoyable experience for me and I would have risen the rating to at least 4/5 stars.

So even though I enjoyed the sequel more than the first book because of the new discoveries, the new connections between previously introduced characters and the surprising plot twists – the fact that the romance still overpowers the book reduced my rating. There were just too many scenes where I wanted to roll my eyes at all the drama going on. The teenagers seem so shallow, so dramatic whenever faced with a tough piece of info about their loved one that it just tired me to an extreme.

I wish the author had not written this book exclusively for teenagers. Again, I wanted more world building and, even though I felt there was a bit more than the previous book, it just wasn’t enough for me. So it’s a 3.5 stars for me, rounded down.

Read from February 05 to 06, 2015
GR Review

I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “Day 21 (The Hundred #2)

  1. Ah yes, I must admit I am curious to know what happens next but probably will not be buying the third book.

    I have heard more about the tv series now since I wrote the review. It seems there are quite a lot of differences to the books, but the teenagery feeling remains.

    Still, must be interesting to see this world translated to the tv screen.


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