by Cory Archie

Rating: 4.75/5

I am still amazed at how enthralled I felt by such a short story, but it really pulls you in. I think the brilliance of it relies on the fact that it doesn’t even have to be placed in a too far away future. Given what is going on with the world today, it could happen in a few years time. You don’t really know because there isn’t much detail.

Usually that’s a bad thing, due to faulty writing but here… The writing is beautiful, you feel sucked in and even though the story is so short you get a very good notion of the surroundings of the characters, their living conditions, their emotions – despair, hollowness, lost innocence, lost hope, just getting through another day… I was so surprised at how much could fit in such a short piece, you know? This is true talent. The author created a very well defined world in such few words, enough to suck you in but to leave you wanting more.

And the ending… Wow. So sad. So beautiful. So… Absolutely brilliant. The perfect conclusion to the build up. I don’t think I have ever felt this way about an ending – it awakened something in me. I think… I think it actually made me value what I have so much more! Silly, isn’t it??

Anyway… I think it would be a waste for the author not to develop this story into a full novel. Amongst all the post-apocaliptic books, it stands out on its own and has great potential.

The only thing I don’t get is why one of the characters is presented as ‘Noel’ at first and by the end of the story he is ‘Noah’.

Read on September 11, 2014
GR Review

You can find this short story here.

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