Pet to the Tentacle Monsters!

Pet to the Tentacle Monsters!
by Lilia Ford

Rating: 3/5

Boy, that was a freaky read.

So, at first we are shown a pretty believable sci-fi world in a very short amount of words. I thought it was very clever how in the very beginning of the story the author would use expressions and then shortly after their abbreviated form, so you would easily get used to them.

People have been huddled together in refugee communes and are attributed ratings according to how useful they are. We meet our main character Benji who just turned 18 and is full of teenage angst, especially after having lost his entire family. After a silly prank and respective whining about how ‘aww but all the other boys do it and they never get in trouble for it’ he finds himself in a tricky situation, as punishment for his offence. He gets locked in a place unlike anything he has experienced and soon he meets a cute (if you say so) tentacled creature that he pretty much treats and adopts as a pet/friend. But that’s when things start getting freaky, when he realizes he is the pet. Queue the weird BDSM descriptions and we’re in for a whole different trip than the one we initially jumped on. We witness the main character being abused physically and psychological, to the point of developing a nasty case of Stockholm syndrome.

What can I say. It was… Different? Yes… Freaky? For sure. Disturbing? Most definitely! If you want to feel all those things, then go right ahead and read this.

As for me… Besides all the kinky stuff I am not used to reading and that made me cringe at times, the rating was lowered because of the last chapter. Why would the monsters say that they want to co-exist with humans when obviously their intent is to make them their pets and sex-toys? Is that really how they expect the humans to do their part of the bargain? It just made no sense to me. And I wish I had read more sci-fi and less monster on human erotica. Strangely enough, the parts that I will take with me are those sci-fi things like a floor that adapts to your body, how cool is that?? You’ll never need a bed again! A light that allows you to see everything perfectly but does not leave you with that annoying sensation when you close your eyes? Awesome! Food – regardless of how tasteless – pretty much appearing out of thing air? Sweet! Not having to ‘go’, or wash, or get dressed… Dang!
Yeah, I wanted more of that.

Well, at least I tried something different.

Read on January 22, 2015
GR Review

I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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