Swarm (Outbreak Escape #1)

Swarm (Outbreak Escape #1)
by Alex South

Rating: 3.75/5

Swarm tells us the story of John, a regular guy who wakes up to screams and life as he knew it has ended. Zombies are closing in and he, along with the other survivers he comes across, will have to struggle to stay alive.


– Large variety of characters, each with their own idiosyncrasies.
– John’s thoughts are very believable. I can see myself thinking a lot of the same things he did. He and the others are just regular people, with plenty of flaws, and are not always the best human beings, especially when they feel their survival is at stake.
– The dialogues were very coloquial, the lack of proper grammar made the whole thing feel more real.
– Some scenes were truly enthralling; the suspense was gripping and the terror almost palpable.
– Very few typos.


– Even though it served to increase the feeling of hopelessness and despair, I thought the book was quite slow at times.
– I found the ending thoroughly disappointing. There is clearly going to be a sequel, but after such a build up I had expected something… more.
– The cover was just silly and I actually considered not reading the book because of it.


I found it interesting that the author did not portray the main character as the leader of the group. I appreciated the care in depicting each character.

Despite all the positives, the opening lines about Phil were so good that the rest of the book almost did not live up to it. I would have liked to read more of how the zombies felt, now that would have been truly innovative. Maybe in the sequel.

In the end, it’s a zombie book. Despite the ending, since the book felt so real and so brit (which was very refreshing), I will give it 4 stars.

Read from September 11 to 14, 2014
GR Review

I would like to thank the author for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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