When Gods Awaken: A Short Story of Biblical Proportions

When Gods Awaken: A Short Story of Biblical Proportions
by Scott Kaelen

Rating: 1.5/5

This book is a satire, a play on Creationism. I liked the beginning, the idea of an Observer, of everything being reborn over and over again after we messed up. And then it all just went downhill for me.

Queue a capricious, oblivious, utterly dumb creator (as expected in a satire of religion) and a sassy, know-it-all first man (I’m sure a lot of people would love the chance to talk back to their Creator like that but those don’t actually believe in one, which is kind of the point of the book undoubtedly), who apparently is not the first man – he knows it, his creator knows it… And a bunch of other dialogues that pretty much depict how a person these days would feel/act/speak in those days.

There’s quite a lot of foul language, smartassery and references to Lord of the Rings, Stargate – other stuff I could not identify, I am sure or just do not remember – that are somewhat funny. On the other hand, other stuff was just too silly to me even for a satire and some interpretations, apparently by the author himself at the end of the book, utterly disgusted me.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Well, very disappointed. By reading the synopsis, I knew I was going to read something that suggested an alternative explanation to what Christianity teaches but I expected a more or less linear, unbiased story, one that had a beginning, middle and end and which explained the alternative reality, and most of all something that would call to both scholars and laymen. Instead I’m feeling at an utter loss.

I am sure atheists who are well informed on the Bible will get a kick out of this. Personally, I don’t even recognize some passages. Overall, the book felt disconnected to me and although I like to think I have some sense of humour and can be extremely sarcastic, at the end of the day I was just confused and the end sort of turned into a mockery of a theological discussion. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

Read on October 15, 2014

GR Review

I would like to thank the author for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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