Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

Speaking of disturbing videos, I think it is safe to say this one gave me nightmares for a while.
I am pretty sure I had not even entered my teens when this came out.

Video description taken from Wikipedia:

The surreal and apocalyptic music video for “Black Hole Sun” was directed by Howard Greenhalgh,[20] produced by Megan Hollister for Why Not Films (London, England), shot by Ivan Bartos, and features post-production work by 525 Post Production (Hollywood, California) and Soho 601 Effects (London). The video follows a suburban neighborhood and its inhabitants which are eventually swallowed up by a black hole, while the band performs the song somewhere in an open field. In the video, Cornell can be seen wearing a fork necklace given to him by Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon.[1] In an online chat, the band stated that the video “was entirely the director’s idea”, and added, “Our take on it was that at that point in making videos, we just wanted to pretend to play and not look that excited about it.”[21] Thayil said that the video was one of the few Soundgarden videos the band was satisfied with.[22]

The video was released in June 1994.[23] After several weeks of airplay on MTV, a second version of the video was substituted containing more elaborate visual effects than the original, including the addition of a computer-generated black hole.

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