Unfinished books

I have been reading a book for what feels like a week now but is probably less and I got to thinking… I am sure everyone out there has started reading a book and then realized, late as may be, that it is just not for you. So what do you do? Reluctantly stick to it or drop it and move on? I cannot recall how many books I have quit on, but I can probably count them by the fingers of one hand. The only one that comes to mind right now is On Writing, by Stephen King. I found it so boring! But I do intend to give it another try. Someday. Probably not in the near future. The thing is I feel that, if I do not finish the book, then I am not giving it the opportunity it deserves to change my mind about it. I suppose I feel a bit guilty if I do it. Also, if I am writing a review, I want to base it on the whole thing, I don’t feel it is fair to review only the part I have read. So what do you do?


7 thoughts on “Unfinished books

  1. If I feel like quitting something after about 100-150 pages then it’s either not a very good book or simply not for me. I don’t finish it and don’t look back. As for reviews, I don’t review anything that I don’t finish. That’s a new resolution, not one I have followed in every single instance in the past. But in most.

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    • Makes sense!
      But don’t you ever feel like… Hey, I have wasted this time already, might as well finish it? I suppose it depends on the size of the book too. It’s different to read 100 to 150 pages of a 200 page book and a 400 one, for instance.


  2. I don’t like unfinished business, and I therefore don’t like unfinished books. I will drag myself through it if I have too, even if it has to take me one month (which already happened).

    If I don’t finish the book, I will always wonder what might have happened. I will always wonder if the book will not get better in the end (especially if the book was recommended by friends).

    Especially in the case of R4R, I fell I owe it to the author to finish his/her book.

    But it’s a bit of a masochistic situation, and probably not the best solution for my mood.

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    • I agree with everything you said. I try to view it as just a bump in the road and not let it spoil my mood, but it’s hard.
      Not sure if you read other books while reading this sort of book? I try not to, too much of a temptation to just drop it.


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