Book Lair

I would like to tell you a bit more about my GR group, Book Lair.

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I joined GoodReads on August of 2014 and shortly after created this group. Even though I made it open for all genres, I had two goals in mind: meeting people from all over the world who had similar tastes to mine and discussing all things related to books. Since then, I have broadened my horizons when it comes to genres and got to meet a great bunch of people. Currently we have a very lovely community.

One of my favourite features about the group is our Buddy Reads. We have a specific topic where people can post their suggestions for a buddy read, as well as browse for existing ones, and then we open a new topic for the new buddy read, setting up a date that works for everyone.

I have found that reading a book along with other people provides an amazing experience. Not only do you find things you may have missed but you can also tell if a problem you are having with the book is being experienced by others. Sometimes we have pretty interesting discussions.

More often than not, we do buddy reads of books we get for free from authors who post in our group, from Netgalley or at amazon and other sites; but all books are game, obviously. It’s just that those are more easily accessible to the members and we get to help new authors while discovering new voices in the literary world.

So from now on I will be posting the buddy reads we are holding and estimate day to start, which is always subject to change, in case another date is more convenient to the participants.
You are all welcome to join us! Hope to see you there :)

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