Reading Slumps

If you are like me and cannot imagine your life without reading, this lovely activity has progressed beyond a mere occasional pleasure and has come to occupy quite a substantial amount of time in your life. It may very well be your favourite occupation for whatever free time you have.

However, there may come a time when, for some reason, that pleasure is lost. What is commonly referred to as reading slumps.

There are three things I try to do when I am hit by one.

1. Remember that reading is supposed to be fun.

If you are also keen on getting books to read in exchange for your review, you will most likely feel the pressure of producing a review in a fairly brief amount of time, particularly if a desired due date is provided by the author or publisher.
I try to remember that reading is supposed to be fun and that I should not feel guilty for putting it off for a while, since I will not be of much use reviewing a book I have read under pressure. I will not be giving it my undivided attention, for one, and may even begin to grudge it at some point.
So sometimes it’s just best to:

2. Take a break.

If it comes to that, then I try to put down my book or Kindle and just stop and smell the roses. Literally! I absolutely love nature. I also enjoy taking photographs. Or just browse the internet. Whatever it takes to get refocused.

3. Read a palate cleanser.

Sometimes we get frustrated because we keep reading the same genre over and over. So personally, I enjoy switching genres, and it generally works very well, allowing me not to have to go through the previous 2 options.
In order not to stray too much from my request list, I try to read short stories or novellas. You can find several for free on Kindle Store and similar sites.
Other folks enjoy reading classics. Something they know they will enjoy. Because, let’s face it, not every new author can write something that will thoroughly engage us.
The important thing is to read something different.

What are your tricks to get over reading slumps?


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