Day 14 – Little tweaks

I have been tweaking a few things over the blog – namely my book reviews posts – which will hopefully make all the difference.

They should all now feature:

– Book cover images roughly the same/approximate size. It’s not always possible, since they have different height vs width ratios.

– Book cover images linking to the book’s page on
That way people are able to view the synopsis as well as all available editions and correspondent links to the main online bookstores.

– All spoilers should now be hidden by the same colour text + background trick I have decided to use, instead of the ugly |SPOILER| tag.

– All reviews should now feature a disclaimer at the bottom, in case I got the book for free from author or publisher/Netgalley.

Please help me by voting in the following poll and, as always, feel free to post if you have any other suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Little tweaks

  1. Hello what a lovely blog, I think your idea of avoiding spoilers is great!

    its so nice to see what others thought of a book before delving in, but its not so great when the twist in the tale is revealed before you start!


    • Hello there!

      I completely agree; I hate reading spoilers when I have not read a book yet. This way people get the choice of reading them or not.

      Thank you for your comment and compliment!


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