Rating: 1.25/5


Insurgent is the sequel to Divergent, based on the book with the same title.
Tris continues to try and find a place in a society who has no room for someone like her.


So, let’s start with the positives.

Insurgent is a fast paced movie with interesting graphics.

I appreciated being introduced to two factions I had not seen in the previous movie and really enjoyed those scenes.

Amity faction grounds

Now, the negatives.

The plot was beyond predictable to me most of the times. There were some surprises, granted, but the fact is I managed to figure out what came next way too often – including the very last scene -, be it because the camera plan hinted it or because the movie is just plain riddled with clichés.

The film focused a whole lot on Tris and Four lovingly gazing at each other interspersed with a lot of running and shooting.

Oh, Four… Let’s shoot people.

Speaking of which, I don’t know about you but I am very tired of watching movies where the heroes miraculously hit their enemy every single time they shoot, and yet always come out unharmed, even when ridiculously outnumber by people who have had a lot more training than them.

You’re like 10. And I am 1. Standing out here in the open. But I can hit you because I am the hero *nods*

Insurgent is obviously focused on the action, the effects – which by the way you can completely tell are computer generated – and the main characters’ good looks. Therefore, a lot of explanations were overlooked and the plot was obviously not the focus here.

These things, as well as the program which they connect to, are supposed to be activated from the lab, and yet Tris managed to do it on her own…

The acting was pretty terrible. Some scenes could have been emotional (like the one where Tris takes the truth serum), but I just could not connect with such bad acting.

Yeah… I am not getting the feels.

And the plot twist at the end was quite disappointing, reminiscent of Maze Runner but in a much more shallow let’s-end-the-movie-on-this-note-because-it-seems-cool kind of way.

So I left the cinema room feeling pretty disgruntled.
I take solace in knowing that this is a very loose adaptation of the book and, since I intend to get to the trilogy eventually, I sure hope they will be more enjoyable and well thought out.
I will most likely still watch the next movie; it can’t possibly be much worse than this… right?


15 thoughts on “Insurgent

  1. I completely hated this movie. I loved the first one and I recommended it to friends and family, but this one…horrible. I fell asleep two times watching it! I hate when it concentrates on the feeling of the main character “omg everyone I love dies please don’t get closer” ugh…. it got interesting when she was on the machine and all but meh… disappointing :/

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