Björk – Army Of Me

Björk is one of those artists who no one can copy or even imitate. I was in my teens when I found her and she really impressed me. This is one of my favourite videos by her; the song itself is very powerful as well, both the melody and the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy tuesday!

Description of the video taken from Wikipedia:

For the music video of the song, Björk collaborated again with Michel Gondry, who directed her video for “Human Behaviour” in 1993. In the strange music video, Björk is the driver of a tanker truck. The singer said that she wanted to capture that “tanker-truck” feeling, the sense of a big machine grinding unstoppably through town”[29] and further stated: “I thought I should be driving a very, very big truck to try to wake this person who’s asleep, so I get the biggest truck in the world, and I’m so mad I’ve got metallic teeth, because when you’re really angry, you grind your teeth. So I have to go to the dentist, who tries to steal away from me a diamond I don’t know I have”.[29]

The dentist is actually a Gorilla, and Björk explained:

When Michel [Gondry] gets his strokes of genius and, in the video for ‘Army of Me’, wants a dentist that’s a gorilla to find a diamond in my mouth, some people call it nonsense. But it’s probably the most realistic way of expressing what situation I’m in – all these people trying to take things away from me, and the gorilla finding a diamond that I don’t know I have and then stealing it. “Army of Me” is so much about me actually learning that I have to defend myself. I have to stand up and fight the fucking gorilla. Once I’ve got the diamond and I run away with it, it becomes massive ‘cos it’s mine. But if the gorilla had kept it, it would have gone really tiny. That’s surrealism for me.[30]

Björk and her label declined to use footage from the film Tank Girl (which features the track on its soundtrack) in the music video for “Army of Me”.

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