Lake Of Sins: Secrets In Blood (Lake of Sins, #2) is out now!

Lake of Sins: Secrets in Blood comes out today! You can get it by clicking here!

You should definitely buy it, as well as the first book of the series: Lake of Sins: Escape.

Not sure how much they cost in your country, but they show up at roughly 1€ each to me right now, so don’t miss this opportunity to read some exquisit, unique fantasy at a crazy low price!

I am sure you will enjoy it even more than I did, cause I am just that picky :P

Happy reading!

Click here to read my review for Lake of Sins: Escape, book 1 in the series.

Ana's Lair

Lake Of Sins: Secrets In Blood (Lake of Sins, #2)
by L.S. O’Dea

Rating: 3.5/5


Secrets in Blood is the sequel to Escape, part of the Lake of Sins series, where we meet Trinity and her breath taking fantasy, dystopian world.
In the last novel, Trinity discovered some very harsh truths about her reality, and this book follows up where Escape left us.


This was, as the previous book, quite a ride. As before, I loved many things:

– Trinity, our main character is quite likeable. She is honourable, and as Mirra keeps telling her, has too many friends. She keeps wanting to help all creatures, even under the most dangerous circumstances, but she is very mature about it most of the times and therefore tries to think things through, not going into the situations blindly, so her instinct of self-preservation remains most of the time. When…

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