Missing sleep!

I just wanted to let my followers know, as well as any authors who have asked me to read and review their work that no, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth!

That dragon is in for a nasty indigestion >:)

I am sorry I have been quiet lately, not blogging and, quite frankly, not reading much.
I got a new job. Yay! It’s only part-time, at night, and probably only during this month of May, but it’s enough to radically reduce my reading and sleeping times.

Which begs the question which is more important?
I don’t think I can give a straight answer. Both are very important to me.

It also reminds me of how some people say sleep is overrated. How can sleep be overrated??
I don’t know about you but, to me, nothing can compare to a good night’s rest. Waking up feeling refreshed is one of the best feelings in the world and I thoroughly miss it.

I also miss not being able to just immerse myself in a good book.

It has always been a habit of mine to read for a few minutes before I sleep, while in bed. When the letters start melting together, then it is time to close my Kindle and drift off to sleep.


Last night, for the first time in who knows how long, I could not read a single paragraph. I could not even pick my up Kindle! Boy, was I upset. I am not sure if it is because I am reading a pretty hard sci-fi collection and felt put off or just plain exhaustion, but I felt distraught.

Still, there’s Audible. I am very happy to have discovered this site because I don’t really get the chance to listen to cd audiobooks.
So I picked up my phone, clicked the app, pressed play on my current story and it was lovely. I only wish I could have listened to more.
But alas, soon I was in sleep’s grasp.

New goal unlocked: sleeping like a baby!

So, tell me.
At this point in your life, are you able to find enough time to read?
Do you wish you had more?
Does it affect your sleep?
How important is sleep to you?
Are there routines you get very upset by not performing?

Tell me everything! :)


3 thoughts on “Missing sleep!

  1. I feel for you, Ana. No, there’s never enough time to read, and yes, I miss sleep because I just have to read one more chapter! Sometimes I read until I’m unconscious and the book smacks me in the face as it falls out of my hands. Coffee is my lifesaver in the morning.

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    • Eheh funny mental picture, thanks!
      That is a good sign of a great book, though – when you just have to read one more chapter.
      But it really is terrible not to have time for either. I hope my situation changes soon!

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