Engel: A Novelette of Terror

Title: Engel: A Novelette of Terror

Author: Grant Palmquist

Narrator: David Winograd

Genres: Horror, Paranormal

Format: Audiobook

Length: 1 hr and 42 mins

Source: Audible | Giveaway

Rating: 2.75/5


Charlie is a pretty mellow guy who sometimes wishes people didn’t step all over him.
When he watches a commercial on tv encouraging him to kill his boss, horrors start to unravel.


I enjoyed Engel quite a lot in the first couple of chapters. Charlie seemed like an average guy with average struggles and I could actually relate to him. He wished his life was different but since he did not like conflict he never did anything about it.
Then we meet Adam, who in a way has a lot in common with Charlie but, unlike feeling tempted by evil, he has a very strong sense of faith.
And that is around the time I stopped enjoying the story as much. Charlie was no longer someone I had interest in see developing because there was no character development. His descent was way too sudden, as well as Adam’s ascent, and the ending felt extremely rushed.

David Winograd’s narration was overall pleasant, though I found some voice inflections a tad annoying at times, particularly in the first few chapters, when actions were enumerated. Others were spot on, especially when making evil thoughts seem so nonchalant. Who hasn’t wished the bad people in their life would go away?
I have to say I did not particularly like the narrator’s take on each voice, though. It was difficult to tell who was speaking at times – a character would sound like another, particularly when their emotion changed -, but what I disliked the most was that most characters sounded stupid, almost moronic. I get making ‘Seth’ sound like that but I don’t understand the others. Eddie was particularly bad.
So even though I enjoyed the narrative bits for the most part and felt engaged in the story, I did feel that the tone conveyed to it was almost one of mockery, and I wished it would have been more ‘sober’, at lack of better word.

Overall I had a good time listening to Engel; even if rushed, there were still some enjoyable concepts in the book, so I will leave the rating at 3 stars.

Disclaimer: I won this audiobook in a Rofflecopter giveaway hosted by Audiobookreviewer.

Listened to from May 02 to May 08, 2015
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4 thoughts on “Engel: A Novelette of Terror

    • Thank you, Josephine!
      It starts off great but slowly declines; it’s still enjoyable though. It revolves a lot around faith, from Adam’s point of view.

      Liked by 1 person

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