Skunk Anansie – Lately

This video caught my attention because it reminded me of another I have posted before – Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun -, so I was surprised when I read in the Wikipedia description (pasted below) that this was actually an homage to Black Hole Sun.

Not only are the effects and the whole video absolutely crazy but it’s also very amusing to see Skin performing all the different roles.

I bought this cd and when I listened to this song it quickly became one of my favourites. I would however never picture it associated with this video. I still have trouble relating the two. But I figured I would leave you with this freaky footage and great song.

Happy wednesday!

Description of the video taken from Wikipedia:

The surreal music video was directed by Howard Greenhalgh, who directed the music video for “Goodbye” by Spice Girls, a year earlier. The music video shows the band performing in a small town where all its inhabitants are smiling while a comet (played by Skin) begins to have a collision course with Earth. The video for the single was a homage to Soundgarden’s music video for “Black Hole Sun”, which was also directed by Greenhalgh in 1994.

2 thoughts on “Skunk Anansie – Lately

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