Day 107 -100 Followers & new categories

Yesterday, Ana’s Lair got its 100th follower!

So I would like to take this moment to once again thank you for making this possible. The blog is not even 4 months old yet, so I am very happy.

When I look at its beginning and what it has been achieved now, I have to say I am pretty proud. I have done things I did not think possible, since it is quite difficult to come out of my shell. Having such awesome folks as yourself take the time to drop by, make suggestions, criticism, compliments, etc., gave me all the motivation I needed to go beyond my capabilities. So thank you so very much!

I would also like to mention that I created a new Category: Tags. It will parent both Awards and Challenges.
So far they house the Liebster and Beautiful Bloggers award, and the 20 Books of Summer and 2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge Jan-May challenges.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Toute Première Fois

Toute Première Fois

Rating: 4.9/5


Jérémie is a 34 year-old gay man, who has been in a relationship with Antoine for 10 years, and plans to get married. However, one night, he has sex with a woman, for the first time in his life, and cannot seem to get her off his mind.
As the story advances, Jérémie cannot seem to find a way to come clean with the people he cares about the most, so things inevitably turn sour.
How will Jérémie decide what he wants for his life? Can he take the bravest step? The one he knows will make him happy?


Daaaang!! I had no idea french movies could be this fun! The acting… the filming… It was all damn near perfect.

Sure, there were things I thought silly, like why he would go out on his wedding suit after the fitting, or Adna’s challenge, or why on earth Jérémie’s parents had such a dysfunctional relationship with their daughter (that was actually the only thing I really disliked about the movie because it was the only thing that did not sound real), or why Charlie would even hire Adna, and then Jérémie is suddenly responsible for firing her, and I honestly could not tell what Jérémie and Adna could possibly have in common other than the obvious physical attraction – but, overall, this was an awesome movie. I could not stop laughing. I think it was mostly because everything was done in the most natural way. And that is where you can see the awesomeness of the acting. Nothing felt forced or staged. Everything just flowed so organically (except the thing with the parents and the daughter). I was totally enthralled by the story.

Take Jérémie’s friend, Charlie.

How can you resist those puppy eyes?? You know he is a womanizer, that women are really not much more than objects to him, but he is who he is and he owns it and you cannot help liking the guy.

Plus, he’s so cute! And hot!

And Jérémie is no second best!

Ooh la la!

Lord! *fans self*

Now I know what you’re thinking… Ok, she obviously liked this movie because of all the hot men. Well, I have to admit hot but awkward guys can be very appealing but no, it’s not nearly just because of that. That actually played very little part in my enjoyment.

Ok, who am I kidding, it played some part in my enjoyment.

But trust me, if the movie had not been good, that would not be enough to give it a high rating or even pay much attention.

Like I said, I could not stop laughing. Everyone was so funny, in their own way.
Also, everyone kind of sounded like machine guns. The pace at which they spoke was ridiculous. This made scenes which could have been incredibly boring very engaging, and I was actually leaning forward on the tip of my seat.

And the premise?? How many movies have we heard about or watched about gay man coming out? When has the opposite ever happened? And parents who love their gay son more than their pregnant daughter? Who love his partner like a son? Who will gladly plan their wedding, even though they abhorred their daughter getting married? What a breath of fresh air.

The way the movie was shot was so good. Those first sequences when Jerémie is running after he realized what happened, accompanied by a great soundtrack, were particularly enthralling. Then all the close-ups and so, so much more.

Other than the minor things I mentioned – they were minor to me at least, considering how much I ended up enjoying the movie -, this film is damn near perfect. But do be advised that I probably enjoyed it so much because I am so sick and tired of what’s out there. Movies these days seem to obey pretty much the same formulas and I just cannot seem to be able enjoy one anymore.
I highly recommend you watch Toute Première Fois. When it ended, I wanted to watch it all over again, and that has never happened to me, not that I can recall anyway.

Be warned though, there is some nudity involved, but no sex scenes.

And I will leave you with a picture of lovely Adna, to even things out:

Now go watch the movie!!