Rating: 3/5


Tomorrowland is the future.
Casey is a bright teenager who wants to make the world a better place.
Their paths will cross because of that wish.


When Tomorrowland first started, I did not like it one bit. I thought Frank (Clooney’s character) narrating the story was a bad idea, and even worse when Casey keeps interrupting.

It took me ages to figure out what was going on. I thought they were father and daughter but nope, they were not related at all.
I also did not get how Frank the boy genius fit into all that. Those sequences from the past had almost a dreamlike quality to them, and I couldn’t even tell if it had happened at all.

Then things started to get better. I found the AA guys extremely creepy and Athena was awesome.
The graphics are very good. We are shown glimpses of awesome technology, really cool gadgetry and a breathtaking futuristic world.

However, it’s all very fleeting. Characters always seem to be running through all the awesomeness, while trying to evade their enemies and get to where they need to be.

As the plot advances, it gets obvious that we are indeed in yet another catch the bad guy so that the world doesn’t end film, despite all the nice stuff along the way. Stuff like – besides all the great tech – innocence (or rather naivety), hope when everyone else has given up, and tremendous ingenuity and perserverance.
But then queue the usual running like crazy from the bad guys, totally unbelievable fight scenes where even the main character, who most likely never even hit so much as a potato, manages to disarm/generally speaking get rid of trained guards, and the typical explosions here and there.

This movie stands out amongst others of the genre because it does have unique aspects. The way the story is presented to us is unparalleled, at least in my experience.
So I did enjoy it; I just don’t get where all the high reviews come from. Honestly, I did not find the story itself that special. My mind kept going to details like everyone just lets a kid who can’t be over 13 drive a car or a truck? or why everyone always seemed to stand dumbfounded whenever one character went on an inspiring monologue.
There were bits and pieces here and there that I just didn’t get, mostly because the pace was so crazy that I felt I didn’t get to digest anything, and on that note I have to say I thought Casey went along with the flow a bit too easily.
Again, I wish I had been shown explanations to some stuff, like where all the people even were when the main characters got to Tomorrowland. The place seemed deserted and when they defeat the bad guy everyone just pops out? I don’t get it.

In conclusion, although I did enjoy the movie, I felt it had the potential to be even more unique, but the need to turn it into yet another blockbuster killed it.

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