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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!
I came across this article a few days ago:

7 banned books that everyone should read

And it got me thinking… In today’s society, is it feasible that a book be banned?
Are people throughout the globe yet not allowed to form their own decisions to read a book or not, and respective opinions?

Have I even read any banned books? I have to admit I am not sure. I have not read any of the ones listed in the article.

Have you knowingly read a banned book and know the story behind its ban?
I would really like to know, please post below!


7 thoughts on “Random Chat: Banned Books

  1. I think the banning of books is ridiculous. But I guess it’s better than the burning of books. Everyone should be entitled to read what they want no matter what. I get slightly worked up about this kind of thing after learning about Hitler and what he did to books. I despise when governments ban books – it’s an invasion of our freedom!
    Rant over, but I would willingly read a banned book. Wonderful post!

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  2. Of the books mentioned in your article, I’ve read only Harry Potter. But I’ve read plenty of other banned books.

    I find stupid to ban books. I admit some books are not to put into every hands, but banning is not a solution, education is a far better one. But maybe that’s the problem. Books are a powerful tool and not everyone wants to deal with well read and educated people.

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    • Completely agree, education is the key.
      Oh look, I rhymed! Eh. Totally unintentional.

      Anyway, yep, people who have knowledge are dangerous, as they can think for themselves and therefore disagree with ‘The Man’. Not good for some people’s agendas. It just baffles me that this sort of thing still happens throughout the world.


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