Another year has passed… Keep calm indeed!! Boy, I am getting old.

Anywaaay. Today is my birthday. It is also the summer solstice (here in the northern hemisphere anyway), so the longest day of the year, AND Prince William’s birthday too. Kudos to him and his lovely family!

Regardless all that, it’s usually a pretty standard day for me.
Except for cake. There has got to be cake. A big one.
Just for me. :P

Only kidding, I can share, if I must…

Hmm something like this would be lovely.
Marzipan <3

This year I will be spending the day with kids from church, a little get together to mark the end of the catechism year.
There will be plenty outdoor activities, the weather forecast is lovely and I cannot wait to get started!

Since I am going to schedule this post, that is most likely where I will be when it goes online. This is where we plan to go:

Santuário do Cristo Rei

Great view, huh?

I plan to swallow my fear of heights and go all the way up there!!

I would really like to know how you celebrate your birthday, if at all.
Do you do anything special?
What did you do on your last birthday?

Tell me everything!


14 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have lots of fun today.
    As for birthday parties… nothing special. Nice little get togethers with friends and lots of food. And since my mum and I are born on the same day just ‘a few’ years apart we always have a big brunch. Food again. I really like to eat, haha.

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  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My birthday is on the 25th, so it’s making it’s way closer. I don’t tend to do anything special on my birthday. I honestly don’t have the effort to throw a party. :’) Hope you have a wonderful birthday! xoxo

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  3. Happy birthday! I’m sorry I’m late celebrating it, but at that time, I was mountaineering, without signal. If you’re afraid of heights, you would have hated it. But the pictured you sent are lovely.

    As for myself, on the day of my birthday, it’s usually very hard to do anything, since a have friends and family that travel a lot, and I myself travel a lot too. For example, last time, I was on a business trip abroad, but they were nice enough to prepare me cake!

    But usually, as soon as I can gather everyone, I try to either have a nice dinner at a restaurant or even a party, if I have courage enough to organize one. I have to admit it was less and less the case lately.

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    • Oh that’s fine and thank you for the belated wish, I appreciate it!

      It actually wasn’t that bad. The walls were high and then there were bars and I even wanted to peek down but couldn’t.
      That get together sounds lovely :) And the cake too ;)


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