First RedBubble experience

I told you about RedBubble a few days ago in my post My Top 10 Book Related Sites.

Well, it didn’t make much sense to recommend a site I had not fully used yet – as in, not having received my orders at the time -, so now that I have I would like to share my experience with you!

My lovely bookish mug:

mug 2 mug 3 mug1

My lovely bookish t-shirt:


Isn’t it just fab??

And check out the cute tag that came with it!!

tag1 tag2

Matching socks! Don’t slap pandas! Boy, these guys are funny.

So, as you can imagine, I had a very good experience with these folks.
Their service is fast and the merchandise is everything they advertise.
I have to admit I thought the t-shirt was longer than I had anticipated, but my satisfaction was not diminished in the slightest manner. I prefer too long over too short!
The fabric appears to be of good quality, and it is very comfortable.
I highly recommend that you guys use this site to order all sorts of things, not just book related. The art there is truly amazing!


7 thoughts on “First RedBubble experience

    • Hey!
      I ordered a woman t-shirt (normal one, not organic) and went by their measurements – there is a little icon that says how many cm or inches for each size.

      It was true to the size and fit great at the time, but with wearing and washing the fabric gave away a bit and isn’t as snug as in the beginning; not by much though, but enough that I might have considered ordering the size below. But that’s because I like my clothes close fitting, no loose fabric. To each their own! :)

      Hope that helps!


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