WordPress Issues

Hey, folks.

I have been having a few issues with WordPress, and I was wondering if someone knew anything about this.

1) The first one is more of a notice to my followers who may have posted and did not get a reply from me.
I have recently noticed that I had comments thrown in the Spam folder, and I never even received a notification for it.
I don’t know why these comments were there, since most were from people who have posted in my blog previously and there was nothing remotely spam-like about them, unless you count a link as spam, which I don’t, especially since I have received comments like that in the past.

I marked them as Not Spam and changed my spam settings from strick to safe – there is no option to disable spam filtering at all, but at least from now on I will get a notification.
I had a bit of a freak out when I noticed that, even though I marked them as not being spam, they just disappeared off the face of the earth instead of posting. It took me quite a bit of poking around to figure out they went to ‘Pending’ status *sigh* I approved all now, so they should up. Unfortunately, I can no longer tell which I replied to and which I didn’t!! >.< So feel free to point it out to me!

I would like stress that I always like any comments posted in my blog, and reply to most of them as well, so if I did neither to yours, then it is one of the above mentioned. I am so sorry, I did not know and definitely did not ignore you!

2) I cannot get the proofreader option to work!! I tried both the ‘old’ WP admin option and the new one. Nothing will happen when I click proofread and then I have to refresh the page to be able to edit the text again.

3) The final issue I have been having a lot over the past few days is that whenever I follow a new blog I get an email saying I signed up for email notifications. I didn’t. I clicked the Follow button at the top, just as I always do, so that new posts from that blog will show up on my WordPress Reader.
No offence, but I don’t want to be spammed with emails everytime someone posts something. That’s a lot of emails. I prefer to take some time and go through the Reader when I can take said time.
Maybe it’s the theme the person chose? Or is it a setting the blog owner can tweak? Either way, I have not followed some blogs back because of this issue. Sorry, nothing personal!

So, does anyone else have these problems, and do you have any idea they are fixable or being worked on?