New WordPress Reader

I just noticed my WordPress reader changed:

new reader

Now I have to admit the sleek lines are interesting, as well as the tags being clearly shown and the fact it now displays all the pictures in a post by thumbnails, with a link to the full gallery:

new reader1

However, I do not like the estimate time at all. Everyone reads at a different pace! What is up with that?? I feel really slow now…
I truly miss the X words left.

What do you think of these changes?


27 thoughts on “New WordPress Reader

  1. I’m not at all a fan of the new reader! I don’t like that when I click the post, it doesn’t take me to the blogger’s actual blog. It just slides open into a plain white background with their full post. I liked being able to go to their blog. I felt like it was easier that way.

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  2. I don’t like it either. I wanna know how many words the blog entry has… :/ But that put aside, when going through my reader I like to open every new entry into a tab. I use strg plus a mouse click to do that. This doesn’t function anymore; I just open the entry in the current tab.

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  3. Why, oh why ndo software writers have a continual need to meddle and update something that’s working perfectly satisfactorily, and often introduce glitches, hangups and other unwanted things at the same time? I agree with most people who say the previous reader was fine and let you go straight to the original post if you wanted to.

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  4. I’m having terrible trouble with it. I hate it. It’s not opening in a new tab, the comment space on some blogs is only one line, The “like” star is in a strange place. Some blog site come up normally, others are bizarre (based on settings that no longer work?). Most of the post no longer show the images. I feel like I’m missing posts that I would normally open. UGH. Thanks for letting me vent :-)

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