Book Depository – Clearance Sale

August is here and it is sales time!

My #1 site for physical copies is having a clearance sale with books costing up to 70% less!

This promotion ends on Midday BST Monday 3rd August and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Click the picture to access this opportunity!

If you miss the chance or do not find anything you like, make sure you check the bargain shop, with books up to 50% off.

Enjoy the sales, hope you find something you like!

16 thoughts on “Book Depository – Clearance Sale

    • Ahah my pleasure!

      And I totally feel your pain. It’s such a bitter-sweet feeling when you don’t find something you like, because you won’t be poorer and clogging up your shelves even further, but still kind of wish you would have found something you liked??


      • Hmm guess you don’t have to worry about shipping fees. It’s very important to me since I live in Portugal and BD ships everything for free. The books are generally very cheap as well.

        I feel tempted to start using Better World Books more, but it is a bit more expensive and more limited when it comes to their catalogue, but I will definitely be using them whenever I need used books.

        Amazon is my site for e-books :)


      • Yes, ships free because I’m in spain, but sometimes even the UK (with fees) is cheaper than any others… but sucks, by the way, and when I get back to Portugal, it will have fees (not looking forward to that).

        I wished Book Outlet didn’t have any fees… that would be the dream!

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      • What is Book Outlet? Never heard of that one.

        Ah I didn’t know Spain got free shipment from Amazon, that’s cool. I tried ordering from thinking hey we’re right next door, fees must be the lowest, right? Turns out they don’t even ship most items to Portugal… Actually, probably none of the ones I looked up.

        UK with fees isn’t cheaper for me than BD, We’re neighbours but stuff is so different, huh..


      • Yep, I actually suggested that to Amazon once because I was not able to get support for my Kindle. They said other people have suggested it and therefore are considering it. Fingers crossed!


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