July 2015 Wrap-Up

Well, if June was a revolutionary month, this one was an upside down month in my life. You see, I have been looking for a job for four years now, and have not had any luck, but I finally caught a break very recently.

It is all very new still, and I have to admit it has been quite a challenge. Fingers crossed that I can keep up.

It also has taken up a lot of time and brainpower so, long story short, I can no longer read and blog nearly as much as I wish, let alone visit other blogs (sorry).

So here comes my much reduced monthly wrap-up for July.


Total Books Read:5

Longest Read: The Well (400 pages)

Shortest Read: Consumption (288 pages)

Book of the Month: Luckiest Girl Alive

Favourite Covers:


GoodReads: 71/100
20 Books of Summer: 19/20 (3 in original list, 2 not)
2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss: 32/?

July Books:


The first read of the month was the conclusion of the Daimones trilogy, with The Rise of the Phoenix, by Massimo Marino.

I enjoyed the book and the entire trilogy, save for some things, and I was sad to see certain aspects were not further developed.

I rated it 2.5/5 stars.


I moved on to Luckiest Girl Alive, by Jessica Knoll.

I honestly don’t get all the low reviews, since I was completely engrossed by the story. I guess all the comparisons to Gone Girl did it more harm than good, but it was clearly my book of the month and I highly recommend it.

I rated it 4.5/5 stars.


I moved on to The Well, by Catherine Chanter.

I was disappointed in this book, not only because there wasn’t a paranormal or at least sci-fi side to the story, as the reader is led to believe by the blurb, but it also did not seem to make up its mind about what it wanted to be. I was exhausted by the writing and did not feel engaged in the story at all.

I rated it 2/5 stars.


Devil’s Daughter (Lucinda’s Pawnshop, #1), by Hope Schenk-de Michele, Paul Marquez, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff followed.

It was not a superb book but I still had a great time reading it. I think a lot of people will find it enjoyable and recommend it.

I rated it 3.5/5 stars.


My final book of the month was Consumption, by Heather Herrman.

It was overall a good horror story, but there were a few clichés and it could have been more polished in regards to plot and character development. Some things were very innovative and others quite shocking, though. So I recommend it to horror fans.

I rated it 2.5/5 stars.



Where I got the books:


  • The Rise of the Phoenix


  • Consumption
  • Devil’s Daughter (Lucinda’s Pawnshop, #1)
  • Luckiest Girl Alive
  • The Well
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