Use Chrome? Love books? You should have Bookindy already. Come on, hurry up.

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Probably not something that will be of much use to me here in Portugal but figure someone out there might want to give it a try :)

The Literature Life

So at the end of May I discovered (see: probably stumbled upon on Twitter and decided to claim it as my own discovery) something pretty awesome. It’s free, it’s going to help you, and it’s going to help your local independent book stores. (As long as you live in the UK – sorry!) Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how horrible Amazon is. I’ll admit I still buy things from Amazon when I don’t have much other option (needing next day delivery, something I can’t find in person, etc.), but refuse to buy my books from there – considering that most of my shopping is books, it’d be pretty terrible if I did. I’m not going to go into why Amazon is the devil, but you can find out for yourself here, here, and here (though that was a quick Google for links, I’m sure…

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