The Vatican Tapes

The Vatican Tapes

Rating: 3/5


Angela is loved by everyone in her life, the epitome of perfection. Until one day she is in an accident and starts behaving oddly, attracting crows and exerting all sorts of impossible influences. Could she be possessed? If so, can she be saved?


When I went to watch this movie, I knew I was in for yet another one about possession and exorcism and whatnot. I still wanted to watch it and be scared, and it was night-time so I knew I would be even if the movie sucked.

It did not, but it did have a lot of clichés: chases through dark hallways; character looks in a direction, glances in another, and when he or she turns back there is something nasty right in their face; using an angelic-looking character as the possessed; a lot of anatomical impossible twists and turns; screams when holy water is thrown (speaking of which, if Angela was possessed, how come she could take holy water during last rites so peacefully??); unknown language in a creepy-ass voice; violence; sexual innuendo; creepy soundtrack, etc.

There were also innovative things, like the attempt at an actual plot; centring the story around the Vatican and its archives; neat stuff like being in two places at the same time or whispering through walls; the symbolism that justified the whole event; not being able to stop what was coming as in seemingly all other movies about the theme; making it so contemporary, especially towards the end.

So why the lower rating? Besides all the clichés, it’s because of the ending. Talk about an abrupt finish. There doesn’t even seem to be a sequel programmed. If it is, then I may actually ponder to bring the rating up. But if not, I feel utterly ripped off. Major build up for such a deflating ending. That’s how I felt leaving the theatre – deflated.

It was still an enjoyable experience and I recommend it to horror fans.

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