Time Salvager (Preview Excerpt)

Title: Time Salvager (Preview Excerpt)

Author: Wesley Chu

Genres: Adventure | Dystopia | Fantasy | Post-Apocalyptic | Science Fiction

Format: Mobi

Length: +- 160 pages | 2255 locations

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 3.5/5


In the 26th century, the world is bleak. Our planet is pretty much a toxic wasteland and humans mostly live in the other planets on our solar system, which are controlled by megacorporations.
Even establishing themselves there, people barely get by. Humankind is at a lowest. The only way they can survive is because of ChronoMen, who go back in time, when disasters are about to happen, to salvage majorly important items.
There are rules to time travelling and James Griffin-Mars ends up breaking the most important one. Now he is on the run. Can he save himself and Elise? Will he ever find out what felt off in his last mission?


I am always weary of books about time travelling because there is just so much that can go wrong with something based on the concept. This one sounded interesting and it was only a preview excerpt so I figured I would be done with it quickly.

There were some notions I wrinkled my nose at, like the timeline self-healing after a while. The way I see it, it is not possible that this should happen just because someone who was not supposed to live finally died, along with his or her entire bloodline, because every single person influences several, so the ripples are not limited to that.

There were things on and off that I did not find believable, like the theme of Jaws being mentioned in 2097. Come on. I am pretty sure that will no longer be a thing by then.

Also, it seemed to me on a couple of occasions that the actions of the time salvagers affected the future of whatever crisis was unfolding, and I don’t see how that was overlooked. Maybe that is how the book will develop, since it seems James smelled something fishy as well. This preview excerpt only goes to chapter 17, when he officially becomes a fugitive. Again, a case when I believe the blurb tells too much.

Even so, I thought the world-building in Time Salvager was generally well achieved. People don’t say God, they say Gaia, and apparently Abyss is a swear world.
The world Mr Chu built was extremely dark with all the grime and slime and absolute lack of hope. It was difficult to picture anyone living in a world like that, but I think the author did a good job at explaining that. I truly enjoyed some concepts and only wished they had been further developed.

I especially liked James, because I could see how what he did for a living, plus his history, could lead to his psychological degeneration. I particularly liked the notion of the people he left behind to die haunting his dreams. And, most of all, I appreciated the care the author took not to make the thing with him and Elise insta-love.

It was an enjoyable read. Quite frequently, the action was fast but, for some reason, I never felt that urge to keep reading or to pick the book back up. I still don’t get why. I have no idea if this feeling would improve or worsen if I had read the entire book. But I was curious enough to know what happened next to recommend this book to science-fiction fans.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Aug 22 to Aug 23, 2015
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11 thoughts on “Time Salvager (Preview Excerpt)

  1. I actually liked this – even though it’s time travel (which does do my head in a bit!) I think you kind of have to go with it a little and just give up on the whole too much thought about who/where/when/why – which was easy for me btw! it’s just that time travel is one of those themes that will keep you going round in circles isn’t it?
    I think the whole thing with the world in this story is that they’re in desperate times. They don’t make or create anything but go back and ‘salvage’ what they need. In that respect things like the Jaws theme kind of fit in – if your’e from a civilisation that’s at the end of it’s time and fairly desperate you’re maybe looking back at the good times in years gone by – at least that’s the way I was reading it.
    Lynn :D

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    • Yep, I saw your review.

      I understand what you mean, but in this case it was Elise who remembered the theme in 2097. She was not a time salvager.

      I guess I am not able to put all those things aside as you. As I mentioned, I enjoyed it but for some reason did not feel that urge to pick the book back up.


      • The thing is I did like it, I just never felt that urge to keep reading or pick the book back up. I could not even decide if the book was fast paced or not. It’s weird.


      • My book reading is like that sometimes. I’m reading a book at the moment which is really good but it feels like it’s taking me forever to finish it and I just can’t understand why!

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      • Yeah… Other times I am really enjoying a book, then I have to pause because ya know real life, and when I pick it back up I don’t enjoy it as much. Just cannot get into the story, you know? Makes me wonder about all the books I did not enjoy, if I would have had I been in a different mood.


  2. It’s interesting isn’t it – how your mood affects your reads – I quite often wonder what I would make of some of my young reads, that I have such fond memories of, if I read them now at this age – would they just seem really immature or poorly imagined? I’m scared to read some of them. Although I did reread LotR not long ago and still loved it.
    Lynn :D

    Liked by 1 person

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