Rating: 3.75/5


A group of med students want to know what happens during the time a person’s brain is dead, so they flatline themselves at a turn. The consequences will be terrifying.


This movie is so very deliciously 90s. I loved watching the clothes and the hairdos and, well, everything.
But most importantly the fact is that, fifteen years later, Flatliners is still exciting and chilling.

This group of medical students is interested in death and what is beyond. So they set up a clinical environment in a secluded place where they proceed to take turns going under. It was nerve-wrecking how they kept competing on who would go next by topping up the last person’s time they said they’d go under.

Well, obviously killing yourself and coming back cannot be good for you. So each of them starts having hallucinations related to the bad things they did in the past. Incredibly vivid hallucinations. Soon enough they cannot tell what is real and what is not.

It was amazing how each of them kept such a thing to himself. I guess they did not want the others to think they were nuts or had brain damage and were in plain denial, but at the same time there was a conflict when they’d realize they would be putting another of them in danger.

I enjoyed all characters but Kiefer Sutherland as the lead was mind-blowing. He played the part of the ruthless scientist guy who will not look at means to achieve his goals so well. His unravelling was insane and I was utterly gripped. He was just one of those pricks you cannot help but feel sorry about because he is so haunted, and hope will end up seeing the error of his ways.

This movie is proof that you don’t need all the special effects that are used these days to make a real good movie, horror or otherwise. A good, solid plot, great cast and a few light shows and you have an extremely entertaining piece which never gets old. And even with a moral.

Watch it, if only to reminisce on the good ole days.

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