Title: Awake

Author: Natasha Preston

Genres: Contemporary | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Format: Mobi

Length: pages | locations

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 1.5/5



Scarlett cannot remember anything at all about the first 4 years of her life.
When she gets in a car accident, she starts having dreams.
Are these only dreams or are they memories?
Why are her parents so reluctant to hear about them?
Will these secrets get Scarlett killed once her past catches up with her?


Within the first few lines of Awake I began wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into.
Scarlett’s so-called best friend is portrayed as a self-centred, attention-seeker, cynic bitch. So that made it extra easy for our little innocent and lovely Scarlett to ditch her the second Noah steps in the picture.
After that, everything was pretty much Noah-Noah-Noah.
Eurgh. Romance. Teenage romance on top of all.

I didn’t even get the insta-love. Scarlett specifically says Noah drilled her with questions and wanted to know every single thing about her and instead of finding that creepy it is cute?? I mean, there is showing interest and then there’s interrogating.

So I spent almost this entire read hoping against all hope that the story would improve. There was this mystery behind the first 4 years of Scarlett’s life which she could not recall at all (honestly, I don’t think that’s that weird; I don’t think I recall anything from way back then) and I was interested in the duality of Noah. Until he got the feels for Scarlett, that is.

The writing flowed well for the most part. It did get repetitive and annoying with all the feels and teenage drama. And some things did not add up. Examples:
– One minute we are told Scarlett is just 16, then she is back to 15 and similar stuff happens with Noah’s age.
– No payment whatsoever was mentioned, to the therapist. Did she do it pro bono? It didn’t seem like it. If not, how did Scarlett pay? Where did she get the money? Did she steal from her parents? It was just too easy.
– Why did they not immediately ask for a phone when they got to Seamus’ house?
– The whole cult thing. Why was Scarlett their Light?? What reason was there for her to be chosen and worshipped? And why did they let her youngest run into the forest if she was supposed to be the insurance, in case Scarlett died?
– Now others will disagree I am sure, but I thought Noah’s timing for converting was just bad. There is a balance for this sort of thing happening and I felt it was not handled well in this book.
– I felt that the cult mentality was almost mocked or at the very least very poorly handled. Making Noah’s dad stab him was the final drop. They kept being portrayed as brainwashed zombies who loved peace but would not blink when it came to resorting to violence. The least he could have done was show remorse for having to do such a task.

The book needs editing. Some sentences didn’t even make sense.

Alas, I believe that teenagers will enjoy Awake very much but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. There was a lot of frowning and pouting and swooning and I just wish that main character had a bit more depth. In the end, she just annoyed me beyond words.
There were lines like “Hey,” he said, flashing me his cute smile I loved so much.; I think my heart actually melted into a puddle; She pouted adorably. which I would say almost made me gag but, you know. :)
And then there was the drama, like and I cried until I literally couldn’t shed another tear (you have no idea how much I hate the wrong use of literally, and it was abused in this book; It was another hard kick to the stomach. The thought of (…) was like a knife rip through my heart. and so many more.

The entire relationship of Scarlett and Noah was just so ridiculous! This is the epitome of insta-love. Everything was perfect. Everytime they were even close to arguing Noah was the perfect gentleman and not only dropped it but apologized for it. For so long they kept apologizing to each other and melting to each other and I just wondered when the torture would end.

All in all, I felt that there could be a pretty interesting story behind all the teenage drama. If the cult thing had been properly explored, this could have been so much more and so much better.
Instead, I did not even get why Scarlett had the role they said she did. It kills me when an author presents a premise that has such weight in a book and just expects me to accept it, with no explanation whatsoever.

So in the end the book gets rounded up to 2 stars because I feel I was not the audience for it, but it’s still very weak.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Oct 13 to Oct 16, 2015
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