The Humans

Title: The Humans

Author: Matt Haig

Genres: Contemporary | Fantasy | Humour | Science Fiction

Length: 294 pages

Source: Purchased

Format: Paperback

Rating: 3.75/5


An alien is sent to visit our planet under a human disguise to accomplish a very important mission.
As the narrative develops, we find out not only about its purpose and objectives but also the significance of being human.


The Humans struck me as an essay on what it means to be human disguised as science fiction.

Some if not most of the fiction bit was pleasant but there were always little things itching at the back of my head like how is this alien writing a book for his original species if there is not a chance they will read it.

Also, his species is described as being far more advanced than we could ever conceive and yet it took him ages to realize the reason people reacted the way they did when he first arrived. I mean, everyone but him was wearing clothes. So while it was interesting and even funny to see our species from a different perspective, the fact that it did not always add up hindered my enjoyment.

I got a bit tired of the mathematics and physics but I understood the importance of it. And you know what? Even with all its flaws The Humans was a beautiful book. It was a heart-warming book. It’s one of those novels you just need to stop to truly appreciate. It’s a story that may very well stay with you for a long time.

So even if I believe some things could have been better and, having just finished reading it, the feeling which overwhelms me is one of nostalgia, it is a truly wonderful book and I do recommend it.

Read from Dec 04 to Dec 08, 2015

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7 thoughts on “The Humans

  1. Thank you for your review – ‘The Humans’ has been on my TBR pile for some time – I loved ‘The Radleys’ and am a fan of Haig’s writing. Reading this has encouraged me to track down this book:).

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