The Red Mohawk

Title: The Red Mohawk

Author: Anonymous

Genres: Horror | Humour | Thriller

Length: 244 pages | 4484 locations

Source: Netgalley

Format: Mobi

Rating: 3/5


In the town of B Movie Hell everyone seems to know each other and are not keen on talking to strangers, even when a psychopath is running around killing the locals.
It’s up to an alcoholic ‘ghost’ of an agent and an FBI detective to figure out what is going on and catch the murderous serial killer.


There are some books where I just cannot seem to appreciate the humour or irony behind the story and this started out as one of them. I especially distrusted a book written by “Anonymous”. Seriously? Couldn’t come up with an alias at all?

The writing wasn’t bad. There were a few very repetitive descriptions, such as Candy’s figure and how some men’s hands were like shovels.

At first, each chapter introduces different characters. From then on, some of them intertwine while some other poor folks get killed. Hey, it’s a horror story, no big spoiler there.
There are new characters being introduced even after halfway past the book. I have to admit at some point I no longer knew who was who.

I don’t believe everyone would appreciate this book, especially because it seems to address and explore in a very graphic way every rotten trait a person could have. There was a lot of pretty detailed violence, sexual acts, degrading of women, bribery and just about anything morally wrong.
In my case, there were times when I was not sure whether I should be shocked, horrified or laugh because the fact is there was dimension to the story inside the humorous bit and it appeals to those things everyone knows they should not find funny but do. I guess it depends on how lightly you are able to take horror.

I for one tried to tune out the gruesome stuff (although it still got to me) and focus on the mystery and therefore managed to enjoy it to some extent. Not an easy job, I tell ya. Usually, I take my stories very seriously, particularly horror. But since this is obviously a play on bad horror – starting with the town name, B Movie Hell -, I tried to tone it down and cut the characters’ “quirks” and events some slack. From then on, I began enjoying it more.

That said, there were a lot of plot holes. There was an entire subplot that was not nearly explored enough. There were things I wanted explained, such as how the guy from the asylum (Touretto?) escaped or how Mellencamp got his hands on Baby in the first place or how everyone in town knew where ‘Baby’ came from.

It is definitely not a book for everyone, including several of my followers most definitely.
You’ll enjoy it if you don’t mind the things I mentioned above.
As for me… It was, well, refreshing. I had never read anything quite like it.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Jan 17 to Jan 21, 2016
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