The Field Trip

Title: The Field Trip

Author: R.A. Andrade

Genres: Adventure | Contemporary | Fantasy | Science Fiction

Length: 272 pages | 8786 locations

Source: Netgalley

Format: Mobi

Rating: 1.5/5


Professor Ross Barton plans to go on a research trip to which for some reason everyone calls a field trip. He intends to do serious botanical investigation but after meeting a strange woman his plans radically change.


When I read the first chapter of The Field Trip I have to admit I was not impressed.
In it, I found out that our main character is:

1) Awkward with women and says he scares them off, though for some reason they seem interested in him. Even his flight instructor practically pimps out his own daughter insisting on what a crush she has on our lovely professor and that he should ask her out;
2) A hero who does not hesitate to put himself in a very perilous situation to save two strangers, actually grinning in the process, although he could die any minute;
3) Often prone to do something completely different than what he intends, which is substantiated by inner monologues of I am going to do this followed by the action of him doing the complete opposite.
4) Has a mother who constantly nags him about being single at 35 and let’s not forget:
5) He has a thing for rescuing strays.

How’s that for info dumping and poor character construction?

The sad part is it did not get much better after that. The writing varied from chunky to pompous to utter nonsense with nothing to back it up.

Unfortunately I cannot say much without spoiling the story. I will say that I never related to the characters as the story developed and felt every major events were simply much too convenient. Our botanic professor is a hero and well, that’s it.
The author tries to make it sound like everything does not come easy for him but, in my opinion, does not succeed.
Most of how the plot developed was predictable and uninteresting.

What a mess. The Men in Black references were not even cute. First of all, what obviously intelligent alien beings send their children on a field trip to a hostile planet? Or at the very least – giving them the benefit of the doubt here – that they did not know whether they were hostile or not? How did Jay get a hold of 500 dollars? How come she says her body was made oversensitive so every single time Ross touched her she became sexually aroused and yet she was the epitomy of a rock even during foreplay? How on Earth did Marsha want anything to do with the Professor when, if she was that attractive, she probably could have gotten someone much better? How do people just accept Ross’ story? How come he has this ability to see into people’s feelings but at key moments it is suddenly forgotten? Not that it matters because all characters he blurted to had such good intentions…

Convenient sums up what I have to say about the events in this story. No proper build up, no meaningful plot twist and just a majorly disappointing development- Clichés left and right in a book that tried too hard to be a sci-fi but only succeeded in being foolish.

I truly am sorry to be so negative but I just feel that this was a waste of my time. It had potential and it was just wasted. Shame, really.
Rating it up because of the owl.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Jan 29 to Feb 05, 2016
GR Review

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