Rating: 4.5/5


From IMDB:
After five-year-old Jack and his mother escape from the enclosed surroundings that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a thrilling discovery.


After finishing the book a mere couple days ago, I went to watch the movie adaptation of Room.

On the whole, I was very pleased with what they did with the story even if, as usual, I prefer the book version. Some things just brought more depth and realism to the characters.

I felt this especially with Jack’s transition to the real world. Whereas in the book the boy felt terrified and in shock for most of the time, in the movie it was almost as if he was just surprised and curious, even if a bit shy. On the other hand, Ma didn’t come across as the huge role model as in the book, even selfish at times, which I found very true to such a character’s development.

Pretty much all the characters were different in one way or the other, which was OK for most except for Old Nick, as I felt he came across as much too humane.

At the end of the day, there are so many little details in the book that make the experience so special and something else entirely. Also, there’s the fact that it is entirely told by Jack. You see everything through his eyes and even when he is describing something completely ordinary you have to stop and figure out what it is because he describes it in such a different way. That can’t really happen in a movie, not to that degree, because you base what you are watching on your own notions. He still narrates it from time to time so you can appreciate it, just not on the same level.

Considering all the difficulties involved in bringing this story to the big screen, I feel it was a job very well done and definitely recommend it, whether you have read the book or not. This is not a theme for the faint-hearted and I felt it was handled with respect by the author and now by the director. I am so happy that the author’s input was taken in so much account when making this movie. You can tell.

The performances were breath-taking. I can’t believe a little boy can act like that, even if he was probably 8 or 9 years old at the time. I have to admit I shed a few tears on more than one occasion.
This is a heart-warming and heartbreaking story all at once, just like the book’s.

In a time when it seems so difficult to go to the movies and find something special to watch, this one is definitely a pearl in the middle of the ocean.


9 thoughts on “Room

  1. Thank you for an excellent and detailed review. It has confirmed my decision not to go and watch the film. While I enjoyed the book – you’re right, the subject is harrowing and in the depths of winter isn’t the best time for me to go and watch something so difficult…

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    • Aww I feel bad for dissuading you of watching it! I think you should when you feel ready, if only because I feel you would enjoy the final development and particularly the ending more.

      I knew I would be emotional but it could be a different experience for you, especially since you know the story already.

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      • No you didn’t dissuade me:). I tend to go to the cinema for fun… and while I know it would be a rewarding viewing experience – it wouldn’t have me laughing aloud. I’m editing something quite dark at present – so I don’t want to go and watching anything particularly grim.

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      • I totally get it.

        I crave something light as well but it is so difficult to find a decent movie these days. I mean, I think of comedies and what comes to mind is… I don’t know, Eddie Murphy. These days it seems there’s only romantic comedies or stuff too stupid to even be considered comedy (like Zoolander, for instance).

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