March 2016 Wrap-Up

March has come and gone. Hooray, Spring!

Sadly I did not manage to read many books, only 4 :(
I went to the movies a couple of times and mostly had a good time.

It was an OK month; could have been better, could have been worse.


Total Books Read:4

Longest Read: The Pit (Watchmaker’s Hell #1) (460 pages)

Shortest Read: Alien Child (246 pages)

Book of the Month: The Pit (Watchmaker’s Hell #1)

Favourite Cover:

Challenges Progress:

GoodReads: 13/50
2016 Netgalley & Edelweiss: 9/?

March Books:


The first book I finished in March was The Oddfits (The Oddfits Series #1), by Tiffany Tsao.
I felt that the premise had the potential to be great but I never really got a chance to see it, just glimpse it, and what I did failed to keep me interested enough to read the following books.
The book felt repetitive and silly much too often. I don’t think I am the right target audience for this.

I rated it 2.75/5 stars.



Then I read the first book in an upcoming series by a new author: The Pit: Watchmaker’s Hell: Book One by L.A. Barnes.
It presents an entirely new version of heaven and hell, not one all people can deal with. The book gets very dark and deals with sensitive matters, so not everyone will appreciate it. I, however, found it a breath of fresh air, and even though some things could be improved I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

I rated it 3.75/5 stars.

The third book I read in March was Alien Child, by Pamela Sargent.

I believe mid-graders and even teenagers might enjoy this book.
Sadly, it was not up my alley as I felt the storyline was underdeveloped.

I rated it 1.75/5.



The final book of the month was The Magician by D.A. Pupa.

Unfortunately I could not quite get into it due to the prose and the repetitiveness.
As I was reading, I felt the main characters were geniuses and brilliant and worthy of my awe mostly because the author kept telling me that. It completely thwarted my enjoyment of the story itself.

I rated it 2.25/5 stars.


Where I got the books:


  • The Pit: Watchmaker’s Hell: Book One
  • The Magician


  • The Oddfits (The Oddfits Series #1)
  • The Pit: Watchmaker’s Hell: Book One
  • Alien Child


Movie Reviews:


Other Posts in March:


How was March for you?
Do you have a Wrap-up post? Please link it below!


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