They Live

They Live

Rating: 2.5/5


From IMDB:
A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.


Ah the good ole gaudy 80s!

I can tell why this movie became a classic back in the late 80s and 90s. John Carpenter is a masterful director and some sequences were full of tension, particularly when the main character finds out what is going on.

Alas, in 2016 the movie just doesn’t have the same impact. Even the soundtrack sounded lame.

Not only did I want to know more about the story – like who found out about the whole plot or who made the glasses – some scenes just seemed excessive, especially when it involved violence. I mean, at one point I was like – is this fist fight ever going to end?? Just put on the freaking glasses, for crying out loud.

I didn’t feel much of a balance. The sequences were either too slow or too nasty. Some characters, the main one included, stood expressionless in the middle of all the mayhem for the longest time, which made the scenes drag on. So yes, in the middle of all the violence and noise, I was actually bored at times. Towards the end, the movie just felt rushed.

Then there was that thing that seems to happen in all action movies, especially of this time, where the heroes never run out of bullets, always hit the professionally trained bad guys and only get shot if it involves a dramatic ending. Oh and every single piece of information or access to what they need is served on a silver platter. I mean, really, a hallway that accesses everywhere important? Obviously not underground, although by all accounts it should be. A guy in a major elite party showing those two drifters the ropes to the place and master plot? Seriously?

Maybe I just don’t have the right type of humour to appreciate it but I cannot say I was impressed.
Mostly predictable, save for the director’s self-reference, which is not exactly a good point in my book but hey, I am sure it was hip back in the day, and very last shot.

Mix sci-fi with George Orwell’s 1984 at the hands of John Carpenter in the late 80s and this is what you get.
Gaudy as it is, it’s still food for thought at a time of frenzy capitalism and consuming, which most certainly remains very real.

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