Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Rating: 3.75/5


From IMDB:
Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to help the Mad Hatter.


This is not really related to the book the movie borrows its title from, but it was a fast-paced, entertaining adventure and I got a couple of good laughs through it.

It is very interesting to see the past of Alice in Wonderland’s characters..

Though some things didn’t make much sense (like how Alice changed to her last outfit and the ending – where did they get the funding to do that if they seem to be broke?), I have to say I mostly enjoyed it.

I would say the weak spot is the plot and all the running around felt pretty pointless at times and even bored me.
However, it is such a fast-paced and colourful that you don’t stop to think about it much.

The visual effects are stunning as usual and I felt taken a way but I do feel the characters had shone more and the plot had had a bit more depth and oomph.

11 thoughts on “Alice Through the Looking Glass

      • I totally get it. That’s the problem with adaptations. More and more I feel like I should view them as separate works, else I will be thoroughly disappointed.

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      • And you’re absolutely right! Normally, I can be a LOT more reasonable – Himself went ballistic when we were watching The Hobbit because it didn’t sufficiently follow the book and I was telling him in soothing tones that they were different media and should be judged as such. But I think we all have our ‘precious’ books that we feel are OURS – and get a tad heated over… Apologies for coming over all grumpy – because you’re right – it’s beautifully filmed and the acting is extremely good.

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      • Oh please, be grumpy all you want! I love it when people express what they didn’t like. It’s completely normal that we do not like everything and as long as the opinion is well fundamented I don’t see why they shouldn’t speak out. I know I do it all the time :P

        And you are right, some books/movies speak closer to home so it is only natural that our reaction will be stronger. I loved reading your words, so please do go on!

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      • Ahah heck no! I love it when people are honest and as far as I’m concerned you were always very polite. I respect your opinion immensely and I do hope you will keep posting everything you think about something, please don’t filter it!

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    • Hi and thank you, sorry for the late reply but for some reason your post was filtered out as spam!

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