Random Chat: On Kindle Cases & Reading Habits

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Step up, take a seat, make yourself at home and let’s chat!

Wow, it has been a while since I did one of these, huh? Actually, exactly 6 months to the day! What a coincidence.

So, I confess I am one of the numerous women whose bag is much too heavy. I have been getting some nasty back pain and my posture has actually been affected, so I figured it was time to do something about it. I took loads of stuff off and still, it weighed a ton!

I tried taking my Kindle out and the change was dramatic.

So what could I do about this?
Buy a new, lighter case, of course!

To me it is very important that I am able to read without using my hands, which means the device needs to stay in a vertical position. Cases that allow that and which can be shipped to Portugal are more difficult to find than you’d think.

Also, they are pretty expensive, especially with shipping costs added. So I figured I would go to this site which has pretty cheap stuff and free delivery, and from which I had ordered before and was pretty happy with what I got.
I searched for quite a while and the closest thing I could find was this origami case:

It wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I had seen them around and figured the material would be as flimsy and not last long. Also, it looked sort of unstable.

Well, I bought it, got it about a week ago and I was right. The cover already does not close properly. Actually, it never did from day 1:

Worst of all, my Kindle does not go into sleep mode when I close it!!

It just stays there wasting battery unless I manually put it into sleep mode and it isn’t really completely protected…

So, what I am wondering and what I would like to chat with you about is:

Do you figure there are better origami cases out there and should I have gone for a more expensive/brand one?

Do you know of other alternatives to origami cases that will allow my Kindle Paperwhite to stay vertical?

Do you have similar reading habits or do you find it just plain weird that it is this important to me for the E-Reader to stay up?

Personally, I love reading while I eat and also while in bed. My third favourite place is the garden where one of those pictures was taken, it’s near my workplace and I get to go there during my lunch hour.

What are your favourite places to read and how do you read? Do you do other stuff while reading, are you always holding your book/device, etc?

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