Stranger Things

Stranger Things

So I recently heard about this Netflix series that was da bomb, especially if you were a fan of Stephen King.
I watched the trailer and was intrigued so went out to look for the first episode and woohoo, the 80s – cool music, no internet and duct tape! Hooray for duct tape saving the day!

This kid goes missing under very odd circumstances. From the first frame you can see there is something supernatural happening here. His three friends, frantic mother and brother, as well as the town chief are the main characters who do their best to find him, but Will seems to have vanished into thin air. In the meantime, an odd child appears, who does not speak. Apparently, her name is Eleven. And there is surely a link between what happened to Will and her.

You know, in a time where every single entertainment piece seems to not go without huge, loud FX, be it image or sound, going back to this era is truly refreshing. There is actual content. And it is amazing how much suspense and interesting stuff goes on. I for one truly enjoyed reminiscing about how much you could do back then without all the stuff we have now. Kids had to actually have imagination to have fun!

I think this is really well done. The story is intriguing, develops well, it is incredibly suspenseful and the side stories are catchy as well. I have watched two episodes and am enjoying it very much so far.

Everyone is doing a great job at acting and the weird kid… Who I’d never say was a girl, by the way… Wow. So expressive. Says so much without speaking. All the three remaining kids are very distinct and develop an amazing dynamic, and other side characters do really well too. Ryder is amazing in her role of an unravelling mother, of course, who has so much on her plate that she realizes she never stops to appreciate what she has and now it might too late. And I cannot wait to know what all the freaky stuff is about.

I just hope I get some closure at the end. I tend to turn away from watching new series because they have a nasty habit or ending in cliffhangers, some of them never even being renewed.

Have you watched this? Which episodes? What do you think of it?
If not, do you plan to watch it?


7 thoughts on “Stranger Things

    • Wow, awesome!
      I am watching the fourth episode now and although I am still loving it some things seem too convenient like how come Michael’s mom still hasn’t found El and how come Jonathan has never once seen what his mom described? The build up is awesome but I hope I see these things addressed soon enough eheh

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      • Something else that is getting on my nerves is El being so quiet, she already said proper sentences, how come she doesn’t reply when everyone is accusing her and stuff aaaah pulls hair
        The suspense is killing me eheh.


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