Ana’s Lair on Facebook and Twitter

Dear all,

I would like to make a quick post to all who follow and keep up with Ana’s Lair.
First of all, thank you very much! I really appreciate that each and every one of you takes the time to visit the blog, especially considering I am not able to invest in it as much as I would like.

I would also like to let you know that Ana’s Lair is linked to Facebook and Twitter, where a post is automatically created when I post here. That’s not new.

However, I have also been making an effort, whenever work and other nuisances allow it, to post interesting tidbits every now and then, from quick thoughts/images to news to quizzes about the themes you usually find in the blog – books for the most part, as well as movies and the occasional TV show. They are basically an expansion of what you see here in the blog and a different way to connect with you.

So I would like to invite you to like the pages, post whenever you feel inclined and please feel free to give suggestions! I would love to engage with you in a different manner so I really hope you will join.

Have a great weekend!

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