8 Offbeat Literary Genres to Get Lost In by Dictionary.com

Did you know any of these? 

I am mostly familiar with Cyberpunk.
8 Offbeat Literary Genres to Get Lost In http://www.dictionary.com/slideshows/offbeat-literary-genres at Dictionary.com


10 thoughts on “8 Offbeat Literary Genres to Get Lost In by Dictionary.com

  1. Hm. The only one I haven’t heard of is wuxia – but I know I’ve read books in that genre. As for grimoire… they are REALLY reaching with that one! It isn’t a genre, it’s never been a genre! As for Bildungsroman – it’s a fancy name for coming of age novels which is a staple of YA… But it was a bit of fun, anyway! I haven’t forgotten I owe you a list – right now on Netgalley, THE SUMMER GODDESS by Joanne Hall is available. It’s proper grown-up fantasy featuring a mid-twenty-something heroine. Why not have a go and see if you enjoy it?

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      • Oh… I hadn’t realised until you mentioned it – my comment does sound as if I’m showing off, somewhat! But what I meant was that the piece was trying to come across as if they were offering something completely different and really, anyone who reads a lot (like you, me and most book bloggers) have read books like this, anyhow – and they were trying to over-complicate it. Ooo… Glad to hear about The Summer Goddess – I’ll keep my fingers crossed, too!

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      • Oh that is not what I meant at all, I really do admire your knowledge and am very grateful for every time you post here because I always end up learning something new or at the very least seeing things from another perspective!

        I totally understand. Must be quite difficult to come up with interesting new articles on these subjects, guess they got a wee bit too creative with this one :)

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      • Oh thank goodness! I’d HATE to come across as arrogant and know-it-all. And you’re right, it must be tricky. But I do resent it when people try to complicate issues like genres and labels. It so easily intimidates folks – which is wrong…

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      • Miss, as far as I am concerned you are anything but. You state your opinions objectively, without agendas but without wanting to please either and that is one of the main reasons why I appreciate you so much!

        Yes, I fully agree. I wonder who comes up with these things…

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