Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series, #1)

Title: Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series, #1)

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Length: 315 pages | 4500 locations

Source: Negalley

Format: Mobi

Rating: 3.25/5


Lucy is on a quest to find her real mother.
And if several women must lose their lives for her to reach her goal… then so be it.


For some reason I just could not get into Love You To Death like most folks did. I felt it was average, for the most part.

I enjoyed the British setting and getting to know the task force. The side characters all had their particular quirks and that was good. Ruby did not interest me particularly.

Lucy was frightening as hell but after that opening chapter it was difficult to beat the level of creepiness, horror and suspense, although there were other scenes that glued me to the screen of my Kindle. Watching her turn into who she needed to be was mesmerising.

However, when I found out who the killer was I had trouble mashing the two into the same character. It just didn’t fit because I craved for a thorough explanation of her childhood, what exactly happened to her that made her mind work like that and how she could maintain a façade in the real world.

Then there were little things here and there that didn’t quite add up, like the fact that Luddy had been working in the Police for 5 years, at least for one year in the same place as Ruby because she mentions taking him to a scene the previous year, and only now she asks him to call her Ruby instead of Sarge because everyone else does.

Also, after the first kill, Lucy says She was just like all the others. I didn’t know whether she killed anyone else because we only know of the events portrayed in the book or if she meant other mother figures she had had. Either way, I wanted to learn more about her past, at least towards the end of the book, who exactly had wronged her and how.

The ending felt extremely rushed. I don’t understand why this character would do that. Everything I knew about her made me think she would go down with a bang. In all the scenes she just kept coming. I thought she deserved a more poetic ending instead of just giving up.

Maybe I am just not the target audience for this or perhaps my expectations were too high. Criminal Minds is my favourite show after all and delving into what makes the sickest minds tick is what attracts me most.

I do think this series can be a hit, it sure has all the ingredients to be a success. If you have time, I think it can be one of those books you read in one sitting.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Oct 22nd to Oct 25th, 2016
GR Review

4 thoughts on “Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series, #1)

    • I am not usually a fan of procedural crime novels which I guess this is but the premise was just so interesting I could not resist. Gosh, I just realized that the book was not creepy enough for my taste when everyone else seems to be saying they were terrified…

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