Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands

Rating: 4.95/5


From IMDB:
A gentle man, with scissors for hands, is brought into a new community after living in isolation.


This is probably my favourite Tim Burton movie.

I hadn’t watched it in many years but that scene of Dianne Wiest going Avon calling! always stuck with me.

The visual impact of this movie is mind-blowing. Paired with an enrapturing soundtrack makes this film a modern day (at the time) fairytale that will capture your attention and never let it go.

There is a hint of magic and sadness and innocence and danger throughout the narrative while people first go around their normal lives and then try to get to know this mysterious character.

The colour details are simply mesmerising. The gaudy coloured houses and cars, the lawns and dogs and everything that makes this the perfect neighbourhood where lonely housewives don’t have much to do but gossip. Everything is bright and everyone is the caricature of happiness, but in a very realistic manner, if that makes any sense.

As soon as things begin to turn darker for Edward, so do the colours around him. Then of course there is the magical scene of Winona Ryder dancing in the ‘snow’ and the crescendo up to the gruesome finale just sucks you in. The eeriness that kept creeping with the mansion’s flashbacks finally culminates into a very broken heart for yours truly.

It is not meant to be a realistic story. Yes, people do very dumb things in this movie. But nonetheless you can take much from this tale and it will surely stay with you for years and years to come.
I know it has for me.


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