Reading Resolutions

Over the past year my reading time drastically stooped due to work and other obligations but reading remains my #1 pastime and so even though I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on me I do find that setting goals helps me stay motivated.


So here is what I hope 2017 will bring me:

1. Yearly Challenge
I have been reading around a book per week so I decided to set my yearly challenge on GoodReads to 52. Should be doable.

2. Netgalley Challenge
I am so thankful to this site. Thanks to it I have had access to wonderful books that I most likely would not have read otherwise. My long-term goal is to reach that elusive 80% feedback rate but for now I will settle for not getting below 70%.
I also intend to make Netgalley books at least two thirds of my total books read.

3. New Genre Challenge
Last year I read psychological thrillers for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I tried a couple of general/women’s fiction and liked them as well.
So this year I would like to keep trying to read stuff I normally wouldn’t. I have started with Crime novels and it has been a positive experience so far.

4. Mix it up
I need to read different genres and in various formats in order to prevent the dreaded reading slump. I have found this system works for me quite well, so I will be reading the odd paperback and listening to audiobooks in the middle of my Kindle reads.

5. Take a break
Last but not least, reading needs to be enjoyable so if I feel I need to take a break in order to keep it that way then I will. Sometimes I do need to watch a movie or play Sims or whatever. I find that when I get back to reading I do so with much more enthusiasm.

So those are my new year reading resolutions. My method of writing the review right after finishing the book should remain the same so I don’t expect things to change on that front.

What are your reading resolutions for 2017?

5 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions

  1. Sounds like good goals to aim for, and especially the last one that reading should be fun. I love Netgalley too, there are so many good books there that sometimes I just don’t look until I have read the previous ones I have requested. It would be great to get to that 80%, but like you I would be very happy with 70%, and that will take a bit of reading too. Good luck with yours and happy reading.

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    • Thank you so much, Amanda.
      If only I could stop requesting, but there are so many interesting titles out there! I am down to 69% now, will do my best to bring it back to 70 and keep it there.

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