A Deadly Thaw (Inspector Francis Sadler #2)

Title: A Deadly Thaw (Inspector Francis Sadler #2)

Author: Sarah Ward

Genres: Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Length: 384 pages | 3989 Locations

Source: Netgalley

Format: Mobi

Rating: 4/5


Lena went to jail in 2004 for killing her husband.
However, his body is found in 2016. So who did she kill back then?
And why?


A Deadly Thaw took a bit to pick up but once it did it turned into quite the page-turner. I just did not want to put it down and kept wanting to know what came next.

Sarah Ward did a great job creating a dichotomy between mysterious Lena Gray and her down-to-earth sister Kat, and the detective team kept their voices from the first book of the series but also developed in an interesting manner that has created food for thought about what may come next.

There were a few downsides for me besides the beginning:
– There were a few awkward phrasings that put me off, such as Connie saying suspects kept surprising her and then right after saying that said suspect’s sentence did not surprise her or Sadler using almost the same exact phrasing with a character as was used previously in the narrative (explaining what he did in high school).
– I don’t understand how Lena could have physically done what she did. Sure, the guy was sleeping, but surely if you are being suffocated you wake up and he was a fit rugby player.
– There was one character that seemed much too perfect. Mark just seemed to know and say all the right things and the way he bossed Kat around bothered me; at one point it stopped sounding protective and became more like possessive.
– Lena’s explanation for what she did just didn’t sit with me. You just don’t go to prison for a decade and set a known rapist free just to protect the identity of victims, whose privacy I am sure would be kept to as much extent as possible. I know the author tried to back it up with Lena’s mistrust of the police force and her belief that the other guy was the instigator but still, it’s too much.

However, the book really is well done. I think a large part of what kept me so interested, just as it had happened in the first book, was that the chapters were short. They were nice and straight to the point and finished in a way that made stopping utterly impossible, even when you knew the voice would change and so you wouldn’t yet find out what happened. I was just so mad when I absolutely had to put the book down.

A Deadly Thaw was an incredibly suspenseful page turner that I highly recommend, with twists that will set your mind spinning, and I look forward to the next book of the series.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read from Jan 7th to Jan 11th, 2017

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