January 2017 Wrap-Up

January was great! It was month of getting cosy indoors with a good book and leaving the cold outside so I ended up reading much more than my usual amount and overall really enjoyed all books. I am so glad I managed to go through 2850 pages in only a month.

I was also able to post other topics besides the usual book and movie reviews, which brought a few reactions from you lovely people. I was so happy to read your comments, thank you so much to all who take a few minutes to interact with me! You are truly amazing.

This was a wonderful start to my year, thank you for being part of it!


Total Books Read: 9

Longest Read: Hangman’s Army (Lake of Sins #3) (565 pages)

Shortest Read: Fungoid (177 pages)

Book of the Month: Fungoid

Favourite Cover:

Challenges Progress:

GoodReads: 9/52

Netgalley: 7/35

January Books:


What a way to start the year! Fungoid, by William Meikle, was a tense apocalyptic tale, extremely well thought out and developed, and with a creepiness factor off the chart.

There were only a couple of things that bothered me but overall this was really well achieved. A gem amongst others of the genre.

I rated it 4.5/5 stars.


In Bitter Chill (Inspector Francis Sadler #1) by Sarah Ward was a pleasant surprise. I am not usually a fan of crime novels but this one was quite enjoyable.

There were too many characters and the book got repetitive/dragged on every now and then but overall I had a good time figuring out whodunnit and I had not seen it coming.

I rated it 4.25/5 stars.


I immediately moved on to the sequel, A Deadly Thaw (Inspector Francis Sadler #2).

I was afraid I would be disappointed but ended up enjoying it quite a lot.
I was not sold on the explanations at the end but I appreciated the book for the journey instead of the destination.

I rated it 4/5 stars.


Dreams Before the Start of Time by Anne Charnock was a unique experience for me. The book spans across 5 generations and is very thought-provoking. I could definitely see some of that stuff happening.
Unfortunately the disjointed and abrupt narrative made me unable to connect with the characters or care about what happened to them but I can definitely appreciate the value of this book.

I rated it 3.5/5 stars.


I then read The Fire Child, by S.K. Tremayne.

In some points it was an extremely tense thriller but the resolution left me really disappointed. It just did not live up to the tension built up throughout the narrative and some plot devices were too obvious.

I rated it 3/5 stars.


A Collapse of Horses by Brian Evenson was an entrancing short story collection. It is definitely amongst the best I have ever read.

All were very thought-provoking and utterly insane and although quite dark and heavy at times I enjoyed them.
Probably best to balance this with a lighter book.

I rated it 4/5 stars.


When I started book 3 of the Lake of Sins series by L.S. O’Dea, Hangman’s Army, I had no idea I would be done that fast.

There are many characters but the narrative is easy enough to follow. The book is full of tension, fun banter and adventure and I am sure fans of YA will love it.
Do read the previous two books first, though.

I rated it 4/5 stars.

Never Out of Sight by Louise Stone was a gripping psychological thriller.

The main character got on my nerves a bit but it was terrifying to realise something like this could happen to anyone if you did not pay attention.
The ending sent a chill down my spine.

I rated it 4/5 stars.


My last book of the month was enjoyable but it didn’t really shine amongst others of the genre.

Hope’s Peak (Harper and Lane #1) by Tony Healey had a really creepy villain and that is what brought the rating up for me.

I rated it 3/5 stars.


Where I got the books:


  • Hangman’s Army (Lake of Sins #3)



  • In Bitter Chill



  • Fungoid
  • A Deadly Thaw (Inspector Francis Sadler #2)
  • Dreams Before the Start of Time
  • The Fire Child
  • A Collapse of Horses
  • Never Out of Sight
  • Hope’s Peak (Harper and Lane #1)


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