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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

So I noticed sometimes Netgalley has samplers up for grabs and I am sure other sites do as well.

I wondered if this is something you do – read samplers, or otherwise read the first chapters in a book.

Does this influence if you buy the book or not?

Since the large majority of the books I get are ARC from Netgalley I prefer to read the entire book but I would love to hear your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “Random Chat: Samplers

  1. I got in a right old muddle a while ago when I requested – rather thrilled – what I thought was the novel from a favourite author, only to discover it was a longish extract. I did read it – but though I wrote a piece about it, as I pointed out, I was unable to honestly recommend the book as I hadn’t completed it and didn’t know sufficiently about the character growth, plot development or ending to know whether it was a good book, or not. Annoying!

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    • So true. It has happened to me on occasion, it is not always very clear that the book is indeed just an extract. One time I was not impressed at all and people told me it got much better but the fact is I could only comment on what I had read. Which ends up not being fair nor representative. So yep, I always prefer the entire book. They should always be clearly marked as samplers…


  2. I prefer to read the entire book. I don’t read the sample. I give a try to every book i get the chance to, even if it isn’t my genre or isn’t that good

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