Jack Nicholson Will Un-Retire to Play the English-Speaking ‘Toni Erdmann’

I would watch it.

Still want to see the original first though.

Have you watched Toni Erdmann?

Subtitles: Who needs ‘em? That seems to be the logic at work in one of American moviemaking’s most inexplicable trends: taking a perfectly approachable foreign film that is released, acclaimed, and widely available on our shores, and just remaking it in English. It usually goes poorly, but that doesn’t seem to matter; we’ve got Force Majeure…

via Jack Nicholson Will Un-Retire to Play the English-Speaking ‘Toni Erdmann’ — Flavorwire

9 thoughts on “Jack Nicholson Will Un-Retire to Play the English-Speaking ‘Toni Erdmann’

    • So true… Love that guy.

      The original has been quite acclaimed so far. I am excited to watch it, I don’t think I have seen anything like it.


  1. This is one of the most original European comedies of the year; its a slow-burner, not much happens, but its wonderful to watch the subtle shifts in the father-daughter bond that is being portrayed. Quirkly, insightful, and charming are my three concluding adjectives.

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    • I actually watched this yesterday and I struggled with it a bit because it is really slow and I think I had expected more daughter/father interaction, not so much time just watching Ines but you are right, the subtlety behind it makes all the difference and the more I think about it the more I realise it’s one of those movies that stay with you.

      I am not quite sure how the american version would portray all that you mentioned.

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      • The mere fact that Jack Nicholson is mentioned for the Hollywood version tells us both that it will be an over-cooked production in comparison to the under-stated (almost muted) German version. The Toni Erdmann film is about a slow awakening of a daughter who has become someone other than the person her father believes she is. By the end of the film, she is the natural girl he believes in and she really wants to be (otherwise she would have repelled his antics). So the film is multi-layered with much to say about the cruel corporatism that sucks the air out of humanity. It is also a reflection on how our expectactions of someone are such important influences on who we become. Thats how parenting works.

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